Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom?


Lung & Respiratory supportIt helps to relieve lung & respiratory problems such as sinus, allergy, chronic cough, asthma, smoker etc. It cleans and strengthens the lung & respiratory system, therefore it is also beneficial to those expose to pollution such as haze.
Immune supportOne of the primary benefits of the product is its ability to support and modulate the immune system to an optimal level. Hence, TMM is beneficial even for a healthy person. It is highly recommended for an elderly to take the product for health maintenance.
Stamina & VitalityIt is a general health tonic which can be taken as daily supplement to strengthen the immune system and body.
AllergyIt helps to relieve the symptoms of skin allergy, eczema, respiratory allergy etc. This is mainly attributed to the immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory properties of Tiger Milk Mushroom.
Joint HealthOsteoarthritis, joint pain due to injury and dengue fever.


Q: Who can take TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom?

A: TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom is a general tonic which can be taken by everyone on a regular basis. In particular, it is recommended for:

Sinus or rhinitis allergicSymptoms will usually be improved within a week.
Asthmatic patientReduce chest congestion, reduce the use of inhaler and drugs, faster recovery period in the event of attack, better management of relapse.
ElderlyImprove stamina, Qi, joint health and overall health
Sick or weak peopleRegain energy and strength after recovering from sick
Busy peopleEnergetic & Strengthen immunity
Schooling childrenreduce the chances of getting sick and more focus
SmokersMight develop cough and discharge lots of phlegm at the initial stage, but breathing will be improved once the contaminants are cleared.
*Special case

– cancer patient

Improve quality of life as the patient will be more energetic and stronger immune system, reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and faster recovery from the treatment.
*Special case

– autoimmune diseases such as SLE, rheumatoid arthritis

Reduce the use of pain killer and also steroid.


Q: How should I take TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom?


Adult (health problems)

Treatment course:-



Maintenance course :-


2 capsules after meal in the morning, once a day. If forget to take in the morning, can take anytime. For those desire fast result, can increase to another 1-2 capsules at night.

1 or 2 capsules after meal in the morning, once a day.

* You may reduce to maintenance dosage once the symptoms are relieved.

Children above 2 years old1 capsule after meal, once a day. You can open the capsules and mix the powder into milk, beverages or another soft food for easier consumption.
Children 1- 2 year(s) oldHalf a capsule after meal, once a day. If improvement is not seen after a week, you can increase to another half a capsule at night. You can open the capsules and mix the powder into milk, beverages or another soft food for easier consumption.
Healthy subject

use as health supplement:-


1 or 2 capsules after meal in the morning, once a day.

* Each course is 30 days. Recommended 3 courses for optimal results


Q: If I were an asthmatic patient under standard treatment, should I stop my concomitant medication/ inhaler usage while I am taking TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom?

A: You should continue with your concomitant medication. TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom serves as complementary supplement to the standard treatment and help to expedite the recovery process. Patients should be advised to have appropriate rescue medication available. TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom can be continued during acute exacerbations of asthma.


Q: Can TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom be used along with prescription medicines?

A: To date, there are no known contraindications or adverse side effects when taking the product at the recommended usage with other medications. However, it is recommended that TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom be taken at least 1 hour apart from other medications.


Q: How soon can I see the improvement?

A: It depends on individuals. Many people have seen improvement within a week with the recommended dosage. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may take longer.


Q: Should I stop taking TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom once I feel better?

A: It is advisable to take at least 1 course which is 30 days, recommended 1-3 course(s) for optimal results. A good rule is to continue using the product at maintenance dosage. TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom works best when used regularly to support your body’s overall health.


Q: What is TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom made of? Is it really Tiger’s Milk?

A: TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom is made of 100% pure cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom in a vegecapsule. It is a type of medicinal mushroom with over 400 years history of use in our country, which the folklore claimed that it is formed by the milk of tigress dripped on the ground.


Q: Is the product Halal?

A: Yes, it is Halal certified. Our cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom is also Organic certified by MOA.


Q: Does Tiger Milk Mushroom contain steroid component?

A: We have sent the material for testing in Doping Center, USM and the reports showed Tiger Milk Mushroom is free from steroid compounds.


Q: What kind of foods should I avoid while taking TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom?

A: You should avoid taking cold drinks, spicy and fried food. Please drink plenty of warm water.


Q: Is TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom safe to take?

A: YES. TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom is completely natural and has been used safely for over hundreds of years. There are no known toxicity and side effects and the safety has also been assessed scientifically.


Q: Why do some people develop symptoms such as “heatiness” and constipation after taking TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom?

A: This can be explained by the body healing reaction (this is not a side-effect) as a natural process of illness reversal. If the paradoxical effects are particularly severe, discontinuing the supplement is recommended for a short time. After that the treatment may be resumed with plenty of fluids until the effects reduce.


Q: Why certain people experience serious coughing and increase of mucus or phlegm production at the early stage after taking TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom?

A: This is due to the recovery of the self-cleansing function of the respiratory system; it removes the accumulated harmful substances through coughing, mucus and phlegm.


Q: Are there are any Contraindication or side effects for TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom?

A: This product has no known adverse effects or contraindications.


Q: How does the product help in supporting lung & respiratory health?

A: TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom addresses both the lung & respiratory symptoms and roots caused via the mechanism of “cleansing, restoring, strengthening and protecting”. Tiger Milk Mushroom has anti-inflammatory & immune-modulating properties.

As we breathe, we will inhale pollutants into our lungs, especially those who live in city. Our body would have self-protect mechanism to remove these pollutants, where the respiratory system would secrete mucus and phlegm to absorb the pollutant and discharge out from the airways. However, parts of the pollutant will still remain in our lungs and failed to be removed and would cause inflammation, affecting healthy of lungs cells and thus prevent the cells to function normally. As a result, our lungs become weaker & weaker.

Thus, with the anti-inflammation properties, the Tiger Milk Mushroom will relieve the inflammation of lungs and thus able to function normally. As a result, it will secrete more mucus and remove the pollutant more effectively, restoring our respiratory health. Moreover, immune-modulating properties of Tiger Milk Mushroom will also assist to stimulate the secondary defense line of our body to fight foreign agent or substance, including those germs that we inhaled.


Q: Any scientific studies on the product?

A: Yes. We have been working together with various local and international universities and institutes such as Nottingham University, University of Macau, UM, HUSM etc to validate the safety and efficacy of the product. The research have shown TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom is safe for long term consumption and it possesses anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic properties. For more details of scientific studies, please refer to : http://www.ligno.com.my/#!scientific-publications/c7g87


Q: What are the active components in Tiger Milk Mushroom?

A: beta-glucan, Fungal immune-modulatory protein, glycoprotein, antioxidant pproteins (Mn-SOD, CAT and GST)


Q: What are the differences between cultivated & wild Tiger Milk Mushroom?

A: The quality and efficacy of the Cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom is consistent due to the following factors. Besides, the safety and efficacy of the cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom has been accessed scientifically.

CultivatedWild Type
Optimized condition for highest medicinal valueLower medicinal value, depend on harvesting condition
Harvest at optimal level active components before the sclerotia form the stem and capThe quality depends on the growing stage during collection, sclerotia will lose its medicinal value once it forms stem and cap.
Reliable botanical identificationRisk of adulteration
Free from microbial & heavy metalRisk of contaminants from environment
Hygienic, controlled sterilize handlingsRisk of contaminants through non-hygienic harvest or post harvest conditions
Certified with Halal & OrganicCertified with Halal & Organic is difficult due to uncontrolled environment


Q: Is Tiger milk Mushroom a local product? Can we find it in other countries?

A: Tiger Milk Mushroom is naturally grown in tropical forest including Malaysia, where we are the World 1st Tiger Milk Mushroom cultivation expert as certified on Malaysia Book of Records.


Q: Is TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom sold in other countries?

A: The products are sold in Singapore, Japan, Middle East, U.S., China.


Q: How can I become a distributor/agent?

A: Please contact or Whatsapp 017-354 8242 Janet or email to [email protected] for more information.


Q: Are there any other products available other than capsule?

A: Yes. We also have TIGERUS® TMM Tea bag (preventive drinks for cold, flu and against pollution), & TIGGY Cocoa Chewable tablet (for kids immune support).


Q: Is there any authorized distributors

A: Yes as refer to http://tigerus.com.my/authorized-dealers/. We have distributors from pharmacy, traditional medicine shop, organic shop.


Q: How long has TIGERUS® Tiger Milk Mushroom been in the market?

A: The product has been in the market since 2012, where we have established a large and consistent customer base with good reputation.


Q: Is the price same in West & East Malaysia? Do you sell in Singapore?

A: For online order, the price is same for West & East Malaysia. We also have exclusive partner in Singapore. To those who are interested, please contact us for more details information.


Q: Where can I buy TIGERUS®?

A: You may buy directly from us: http://tigerus.com.my/e-shop/

Or you can find the distributors nearest to you (refer the outlet lists): http://tigerus.com.my/authorized-dealers/