Amazing & Interesting Facts about Our Lungs!

Amazing & Interesting Facts about Our Lungs!

Amazing & Interesting Facts about Our Lungs!


Gasp! Amazing and Interesting Facts about

Our Lungs and Respiratory System!

Breathe... We need to breathe to live. We need to breathe to go through our normal daily life.

But have we ever stop and think.. How does we breathe? How is it possible?

There are two spongy organs working hard for us to breathe every day. LUNGS! These are the superstars of our organ. They work in conjunction with the airways, blood vessels and muscles of respiratory system to make sure we breathe smoothly, without any problem. 

Now, let’s explore functions and interesting facts about these life-giving organs!

What do our lungs and a tennis court have in common?

Does our lungs the only organs that can float on water?

Let’s read and find it out!

1. Feel like never stop breathing?

Average person takes up 20,000 breaths per day when we are just stay still, not doing anything!

There are average of 13 pints of air per minute.

2. Our brain tells our lungs how much to inhale and exhale

Our lungs are controlled by brain that is why we will experience changes in breathing without intention.

3. Healthy Life with ONE Lung ONLY!

It is possible to live a healthy life with just one lung. There might be difficulties in breathing when we are exercising but as long as we do not exert too much, there should be no problem.

4. Lungs are not Symmetrical

Our lungs are not symmetrical. The right lung is slightly wider but shorter than the left one because it need to make room for the liver. While the left one smaller and narrower because it need to make room for the heart.

You got it wrong if you always think our lungs are in the same size.

It's okay! Now you learn something new!

5. Our Lungs can Float!

Lungs are the only organ which has the ability to float on water. This is mainly due to our lungs still contains a litre of air even after exhalation. 

6. Our Lungs are as BIG as a TENNIS COURT!

You think our lungs are only a small organs which sitting inside the rib cage? Nope!

Our lungs surface area are actually roughly same size as a tennis court!

7. We only need 5% of Oxygen to Breathe!

Our body only need 5% of oxygen to breathe and the rest of it are exhaled. The cycle repeats...

Pure 100% oxygen uptake can actually be deadly for our body!

8. Newborn's First Breath

When inside the womb, a baby’s lungs are filled with fluid. It takes around 10 seconds for baby to take his/her first breath after delivery. A number of changes occur in the newborn’s lungs and circulatory system once infant takes the first breath. 

9. Your Average Breath Per Minute

On average, an adult takes 16 breaths every minute. However, this can vary and depending on the job we have, the activity that we carry out and how much pressure we are bearing.

10. How many water we exhale every day?

Every hour, we exhale over 17 mL of water. There are almost 300 mL of water exhaled in a day.