7 Tips to Prevent Acne Skin Under Face Mask!

7 Tips to Prevent Acne Skin Under Face Mask!

7 Tips to Prevent Acne Skin Under Face Mask!


As wearing face masks in public has become a routine to prevent the further spreading of COVID-19,

there is also an increase of cases regarding skin irritation and acne under the mask, or what we called ‘maskne’!

What Is ‘Maskne’ & How Does It Happen?

Maskne, also known as acne mechanica, a skin condition caused by the prolonged wear of facial personal protective equipment. While wearing mask, heat and moisture from breathing, talking and sweating will be trapped under the mask. As a result, skin pores will be clogged, causing the formation of pimples or acne cysts! On top of that, the prolonged friction and occlusion of masks on the skin will cause dry skin, rashes and itchy.

There are also other factors that might cause face mask skin problems. For instance:

Allergic contact dermatitis

If you have sensitive skin, you should choose a suitable mask for your skin. Some masks may contain chemicals such as formaldehyde and bronopol that will cause allergic reactions on the skin.


A unique chronic inflammatory disease that results from skin barrier dysfunction, autoimmunity response, and hypersensitive nerves around the blood vessels. As a result, redness and visible blood vessels (chronic facial redness) will be seen clearly on the skin.


A common skin condition caused by bacterial or fungal infection at the hair follicles. As a result, small red bumps or white-headed pimples

will appear around hair follicles.

Prevention Steps to Protect Your Skin

It is relatively simple to keep your skin clean and stay away from maskne by following the steps below:

1.      Wash face frequently

Before putting on a mask, you should wash your face using cleanser and rinse with lukewarm water. This could prevent the dirt and facial oil from trapping in the pores, causing skin inflammation.

2.      Apply moisturizer

Applying moisturizer on your facial skin not only keeping your skin hydrated, but it will also restore your skin barrier for extra protection. Restoring skin barrier will help in regulating skin inflammation and slowing down skin turnover. It is recommended to use moisturizers containing anti-acne ingredients, such as retinol and purified nano-sulfur.


3.      Stop wearing makeup

Don’t ever wear makeup under the mask! A layer of skin makeup will clog your pores easily and worsen your skin condition, especially under hot weather.


4.      Wear the right mask

It is important to wear the right mask that offers a snug and comfortable fit on your face to reduce skin irritation. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid using synthetic fabrics-mask as well, such as nylon, polyester and rayon that will further irritate your skin.

Here is the list that you could refer to before buying masks on the market:

o   A snug and comfortable fit mask

o   Soft, natural, and breathable fabric, such as cotton

o   Soft fabric on the inside if you have sensitive skin

o   Cotton material on the inside if you have acne or oily skin


5.      Take 15 mins mask break every 4 hours

While you are having lunch break or driving in your car, take off your mask for 15 mins is enough to allow clean airflow on your skin. This will prevent moisture and facial oil trapped on your skin causing skin irritation.


6.      Wash cloth mask after each use

If you are wearing washable mask, it is recommended to wash your face mask every day the surface of the mask contains dirt and oil that suitable for bacteria growth, which may cause inflammation response on your skin.


7.      Reduce the use of medicated skincare products

Some skincare products that contain benzoyl peroxide, retinol and salicylic acid will irritate your skin even more if you are wearing a mask. Thus, you should seek advice from a dermatologist before applying skincare products on your face if you are going to wear mask.


Life gets busy and understandably, it’s difficult to take care of your facial skin as planned.

However, adhering the right skincare routine at all times will lessen the risk of getting mask-related skin irritation and maskne. So let’s protect ourselves from COVID-19 and maskne attack at the same time!