TIGERUS® TIGGY Cocoa Chewable Tablets

TIGERUS® TIGGY Cocoa Chewable Tablets

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TIGERUS® TIGGY Cocoa Chewable Tablets

Packaging Size:  500mg x 60 chewable tablets (RM48.00)


        Support kids immunity and respiratory health

        Strengthen bone health

        Promote brain and cognitive health


Does it seem like your child is always contracting illness  from school and crowded places ? Or maybe your young ones are little kickers of blankets resulting in catching a cold .

It will be an anxious nightmare for the parents when their little ones are under the weather with a nasty cough  and cold, coupled with and fever.

It will be wise to prevent an illness than to spend time on endless trips to the physician’sclinic.

We bring you the TIGERUS® TIGGY Cocoa Chewable Tablets -  a delicious cocoa-flavoured chewable tablets specially formulated to support the immune health of  growing little ones. 

Cocoa powder, malted powder (barley), Lactose (with milk), LiGNO TM02® Tiger milk mushroom sclerotia, seaweed calcium, colostrum (with milk) and DHA.

-          Tiger Milk Mushroom sclerotia: Supports immune and respiratory health

-          Calcium: build strong bones and teeth.

-          Colostrum:  For optimal growth

-          Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA): supports brain and visual development

-          No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added

-          A healthy snack replacement for your little one

Two tablets daily for children 1-4 years old; four tablets daily for older children.

Chewable tablet – for chewing, not for swallowing.

This product contains milk (lactose).

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