60’s Cordyceps Sinensis Fruiting Body

60’s Cordyceps Sinensis Fruiting Body

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TIGERUS® Cordyceps Sinensis Fruiting Body 60’s

  • contai300mg x 60 vegecaps

        Fights fatigue; burnout especially for people with busy lifestyle

        Increases focus, improves all-day energy and productivity

        Strengthens the body, invigorates, improves blood circulation

        Supports Men health

        Supports kidney health

        Supports natural immunity

Cordyceps sinensis is native to the humid mountain meadows of the Himalayas and other mountain ranges of Tibet and China. It has been long treasured as a precious health supplement as only the Chinese royal court can afford it. It was used as a natural tonic to strengthen vitality and for promoting longevity. It is traditionally used for general health to enhance energy in men, improves stamina and for building a stronger body.

Pprofessional athletes and fitness enthusiasts have discovered that C. sinensis may assist increased oxygen uptake and results in higher endurance levels. People have also found that C. sinensis supports healthy sexual functions.

C. sinensis is a parasitic fungus that infects moth caterpillars with its spores. The fungus latches onto the caterpillar then overtakes it completely, killing the caterpillar in the process and mummifying it. Thus the part with medicinal value is its fruiting body instead of caterpillar, which acts as nutrient for its growth.

Tigerus® Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body contains the C. sinensis fruiting body that is cultivated using food based substratesmaking it 100% vegetarian.

Each vegecap contains 300mg of C. sinensis fruiting body

-          100% vegetarian friendly

-          Natural & safe with proven scientific applications

-          Encased in convenient vegetarian capsules that are easily consumed

-          Quality controlled

-          Halal & Organic certified

-          Produced in ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certified facilities

-          No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added.

-          People with busy and stressful lifestyle

-          People who need to stay energized and focused

-          Elderly with urination problem

-          People who had just recovered from illnesses

Two capsules once a day after meal.

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