SQINN Tiger Milk Mushroom Soap

SQINN Tiger Milk Mushroom Soap

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SQINN Tiger Milk Mushroom Soap

Packaging Size: 30g

        Deep cleansing



Does your skin itch after a shower?  Dry skin lacks moisture and mayfeel tight or itchy especially after a shower. Soaps and cleansers can remove skin’s natural oils that protect skin from dryness.

Expensive face cleansers is not a remedy for acne prone skin and may even irritate the skin further.

SQINN Tiger Milk Mushroom soap is specially formulated with natural soap base, infused with Tiger Milk Mushroom which contains anti-inflammatory property to help you relief annoying skin concerns. It is free from artificial colourings and fragrances and can be used daily as facial cleanser & bath soap.

Soap base (natural substance derived from plants, containing mild) and organically certified LiGNO TM02® Tiger Milk Mushroom

-          Dry and itchy skin

-          Sensitive skin

-          Eczema skin

-          Acne prone skin

        Use SQINN Tiger Milk Mushroom Soap in the Bubble Bag provided

        Hang the soap with the Bubble Bag after use to keep it dry.

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