60'S TIGERUS® AntroCare

60'S TIGERUS® AntroCare

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TIGERUS® AntroCare 60’s

  • Contain 400mg x 30 vegecape

  • 维护肝脏功能并减少肝脏相关疾病
    Support liver functions and reduce liver related diseases
  • 帮助肝脏排毒
    Detoxifying effects in the liver
  • 缓解呼吸道症状并支持肺部健康
    Relives respiratory symptoms and support lung health
  • 改善血液循环并增强能量
    Improves blood circulation and invigorates energy
  • 抗氧化
    Protects against harmful oxidative stress
  • 增强免疫系统
    Strengthens and support health immune system
  • 防止肿瘤细胞的生长
    Prevent the growth of tumor cells

中医认为“养肝就是养命”。肝脏是人体最大化工厂,承担着消化、解毒、分泌等重要功能。而人体的肝脏细胞需要有大量的血液和氧气的情况下才能正常运作。肝脏有双重血液供应,分别是来自心脏的动脉血主要供给氧气及来自肝门静脉所收集的消化道静脉血主要供给营养。肝血管疾病通常都是由供血不足而引起,当肝细胞没有获得足够的供血(缺血),因而导致缺少氧气和营养物质。AntroCare 结合了牛樟芝、冬虫夏草及虎乳芝三大活性成分,有助于达到补益气血及滋养肝肾肺的效果。成分中虎乳芝及冬虫夏草的搭配可帮助肝脏获取足够的氧气及血液,同时也可促进牛樟芝对肝脏的修复疗程,让您的肝脏能在健康的状态下正常运作。

The liver is also known as a “chemical factory” in your body, it plays an important role in digestion, detoxification and secretion. The liver cells of the human body need a lot of blood and oxygen to function. The liver receives blood supply from two sources. The first is the hepatic artery which delivers oxygenated blood from the general circulation and the second is the hepatic portal vein delivering deoxygenated blood from the small intestine containing nutrients. Blood vessel (vascular) disorders of the liver usually result from inadequate blood flow. When liver cells do not receive enough blood (called ischemia) and thus result in deprived of oxygen and nutrients. 

AntroCare contains of three main active ingredients (Antrodia, Cordyceps Sinensis and Tiger Milk Mushroom) which can helps to improve our body blood circulation and oxygen intake. The combination of Tiger Milk Mushroom and Cordyceps Sinensis can ensure the liver receives enough oxygen & blood supply to promote Antrodia in liver healing, so that your liver can function normally in a healthy state.

  • Each Vegecap contains
    - 250mg 牛樟芝 Antrodia camphorata 
    - 75mg 冬虫夏草 Cordyceps Sinensis 
    - 75mg 虎乳芝 Lignosus rhinocerus 

  • 安全,高质量,有效 
    Safety, Quality, Efficacy
  • 使用食物培养基培植
    Grow Using Food Based Substrate
  • 在最佳条件下收割
    Harvest at Optimal Condition
  • 不受微生物和重金属污染
    Free from Microbial & Heavy Metal Contamination
  • 卫生及严控的收割方法
    Hygienic, Controlled Harvesting Practices
  • 清真和有机认证
    Halal & Organic Certified
  • 在ISO 22000, GMP 和HACCO认证的设施中培育
    Cultivated in ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP Certified Facilities

  • 常喝酒应酬    Alcoholic
  • 肝功能不佳    Poor liver function
  • 经常熬夜    Irregular sleep pattern or who work late
  • 生活节奏快,压力大    Stress lifestyle
  • 严重失眠    Chronic insomnia
  • 肝脏脂质代谢慢    Slow metabolism
  • 长期服药人士    Long term drug users

成人 For Adult 

a) 修复疗程
    Treatment Course:-
2 capsules after a meal in the afternoon / at night, once a day.  

b) 保健    Healthy Subject & For Use As Health Supplemente:-
1 or 2 capsules after a meal in the afternoon / at night, once a day.
一天一次,一次1- 2粒,饭后服用(可选择午餐或晚餐后服用)

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